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Hypnosis is what you see on TV right?

Someone acting like a chicken?

Someone clicking there fingers? 

Hypnosis/hypnotherapy is a farce, for show, a myth, a bit wow... that's what I used to think!

But what if I told you hypnosis was a natural state that you experience in everyday life? Don't believe me? Picture this, you get in your car and drive to work but you don't remember your journey at all - how many red lights did I drive through?! Or perhaps you get in your car on a day off, you switch to auto pilot and end up at the office! Or maybe you are reading a book and get to the bottom of the page and have to reread it because you haven't taken in a word! Or you start day dreaming when that dull colleague starts delivering yet another monotone presentation. 


Hypnosis is a natural state, where you switch of your conscious mind - the chatty, analytical bit. Allowing us to access and explore our subconscious - the database part of our brain that stores our beliefs, values and learnt behaviors.

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When a child learns to walk you can consciously see them trying to figure it out, trying to learn the art of walking, that look of intense concentration of their faces. But once mastered you no longer need to think about it, you just walk - our subconscious has stored what we have consciously learnt. And the same goes for our beliefs, our values, our learnt experiences - our subconscious stores it all!

Amazing right! Well, yes sometimes - like when you're faced with a lion (!) and your subconscious database recognises that lions are dangerous and you need to run! But what if, for example, you had been told as a child you were useless, worthless, stupid... the list goes on. Well your subconscious stores those messages too. And here's the thing, our subconscious is much more powerful than our conscious mind. So whilst a smoker may consciously and rationality know that smoking is bad for them, their subconscious mind has learnt that smoking is enjoyable, a stress reliever etc. And our subconscious wins.


So what can we do?


That's where hypnotherapy comes in. When we are in hypnosis our conscious mind takes a break and we can access and positively influence our subconscious minds. And don't worry you can't be made to act like a chicken - you can't be made to do anything you don't want to do.


Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic tool to help you address a range of challenges you maybe facing including anxiety, stress, self confidence, body images, weight loss, phobias, the list goes on.

Intrigued? Want to know if Hypnotherapy could support you? Then get in touch to arrange your free telephone consultation to find out if I can support you to achieve your goals! 

Because you are the best ProjectYou will ever work on!