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Prenatal Hypnotherapy

Pregnancy can bring with it a range of emotions and for some it can be a time of anxiety & fear.


Did you know Hypnotherapy can help? 

Hypnotherapy can aid relaxation and also help with pregnancy anxiety, stress, fear, self-esteem and confidence. 

So how does it work? 

Our subconscious stores everything! Including every birth, pregnancy, health, parent and new born baby story. Everything we have ever experienced, watch, read or heard, both positive and negative. And our subconscious is trying to protect us. But unfortunately our subconscious doesn't know fact from fiction. So regardless of trying to rationalise how we feel, the worries about our health, our babies health, the birth, our changing bodies, money and everything else are perceived by our subconscious as real threats which it needs to protect us against - adrenaline is produced and our freeze, fight or flight response activated. 

Hypnotherapy can help! Hypnotherapy is an altered state of consciousness - we are switching of the chatty, analytical part of our brains. When we are in hypnosis our subconscious is more receptive to new, positive messages helping to ease your fears and worries! Wouldn't that be nice!

121 Prenatal hypnotherapy sessions cost £50 per hour and can be held at a time and place to suit you. 

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