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Walk & Talk Therapy

Sometimes as mum's we just need to download!

You adore your baby/child/children but its hard. You are tired. You are lonely (even if you are surrounded by friends). You feel like a slave to your baby/child/children. You feel like a failure. You don't recognise the woman staring back at you in the mirror. You can't admit how you are feeling because you'd be judged - you shouldn't feel like this right?!  

You don't need therapy** but sometimes you wish you could just download. Perhaps I can help.

I am a qualified hypnotherapist, postnatal practitioner and trainee psychotherapist. And I'm hear to listen! 


How it works

I meet you at a time and place to suit you. We could go for a coffee, have a walk in the park or have a cuppa at your house. And what's more you can bring the baby! This 1 hour session costs £50*.

**Please note these sessions are not designed to replace 121 hypnotherapy, psychotherapy etc if required.