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Birth Trauma Recovery


What is birth trauma support

I am a qualified hypnotherapist, postnatal practitioner and trainee psychotherapist. Utilising the Rewind technique and my skills I will tailor my support to your specific needs:


  • Help you to understand not only what happened but how you felt about what happened.

  • Allow you to recall events in a safe space.

  • Past memories will no longer evoke physical responses (nightmares, panic attacks etc).

  • Help you to positively move forward with your life.

121 birth trauma support costs £120 for up to 3 x 60 minute sessions at a time and place to suit you. 

To book or find out more contact me. 

What is birth trauma?

Birth trauma occurs when birth has been frightening, traumatic or negative. Perhaps you didn't feel in control, you didn't understand what was happening, you didn't feel listened too. Perhaps your birth plan went out the window. Or maybe mother or baby experienced health complications. Every birth is different and every mother and father's experience of birth is different. In the same way the reasons behind birth trauma are unique to each birth and each mother or father's experience of birth.

Birth trauma can lead to flashbacks, anxiety, nightmares, guilt, sadness, a sense of grief and loss, confusion, anger, depression, relationship issues and can affect parent-baby bonding.